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Quantify Your Golf Practice - Technical Thursday #97.

Quantify Your Golf Practice – Technical Thursday #97.

Quantify Your Golf Practice – Technical Thursday #97.

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Understanding how to practice is a huge part of improving your golf game.  Just standing on the range and hitting balls or chipping to the green and putting without a structured regimen wastes your time! However, quantifying your practice is the ONLY way to get results and improve your handicap.  Today I’m going to discuss this in detail!

The Method!


Take four tees and put them around the hole.  North, South, East, and West to create a circle.  Based on your current handicap, you can make the circle as big or as small as you want. Next, count out a certain number of balls that you will use in your chipping practice.  It could be 10, 20, 30.  It does not matter.  However, make sure that each time you do your chipping practice, the number of balls is the same, so you compare apples to apples.

Carry a small notebook in your golf bag, and as you practice, you keep a record of your progress.  The date, size of the circle, and success rate are noted. Each time you practice, you have to beat the last total.  That way, you know for sure you are a better chipper today than the last time you practiced your chipping.  You will be amazed how much your confidence will grow on the course the next time you go out and play!

Bunker Shots:

Same thing.  Create as big or as small a circle based on your golfing level.  Always beat the total of your previous session before you leave the practice area!


Create a zone slightly smaller than a regular green and hit your irons to that target.  Jot that down in your notebook how many times you hit into your target area.  You cannot leave the range until you beat the total of your last session!


Same thing.  Pick a zone slightly narrower than a normal fairway.  Jot down the number of times you hit this “fairway” and beat that total the next time you practice with your driver!

This is a surefire way to not only improve all aspects of your game, but by quantifying your practice and seeing your results improving, your on-course confidence in your golf game will grow exponentially!  Enjoy!

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Thanks for watching – Quantify Your Golf Practice – Technical Thursday #97.

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