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Preparation for Playing in the Cold - Technical Thursday #72.

Preparation for Playing in the Cold – Technical Thursday #72.

Preparation for Playing in the Cold – Technical Thursday #72.

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Dressing in layers is the key to playing in the cold weather.  The secrets are wearing dark and loose clothing and layering.  Dark absorbs the heat and loose allows you to swing freely. Layering allows you the freedom of removing layers if the weather warms up during your round.

As you can see in the video, I am wearing warm under armor, then a long-sleeved shirt, a heavy sweater, and finally a warm, water, and windproof jacket: warm Winter golf gloves and a hat complete the outfit.  The hat is one of those flat hats that fit snugly on your head.  This is if it is a windy day, and you won’t be distracted by your hat, feeling like it will fly off!

Other additional items you can use when playing in the cold!

A warm scarf and, on bitterly cold days, a ski mask.  This is a mask that covers your entire face and is used by skiers and snowboarders.  Hand warmers can be bought in most pro shops in the wintertime.  These not only keep your hands warm, but if you keep a golf ball in there as well, your ball will fly much further.  A cold golf ball will lose you considerable distance.  I alternate balls on every hole, so I am always playing with a warm ball.  Keeping a thermos flask of hot chocolate or coffee is another boon in cold weather. 

If you are riding in a golf cart, consider renting a cart cover.  These are well worth the money!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Preparation for Playing in the Cold – Technical Thursday #72.  Nothing more uncomfortable than being cold on a golf course!

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