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Playing at Altitude - Course Management #16.

Playing at Altitude – Course Management #16

Playing at Altitude – Course Management #16.

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Golf Video Blog by the Mel Sole Golf School.  

In our Golf Video Blog series, I talk about playing at altitude!  There are 3 critical factors to take into consideration to score your best.  Check it out!

  1. The air is thinner at altitude, and so the ball is going to fly further.  At 6000 ft above sea level, the ball will fly about 10% further.
  2. The ball will spin less.  Because the air is thinner, the ball’s friction is less, so it will not spin anywhere near the amount it would spin a sea level.  Take that into account.
  3. Because the ball is spinning less, the trajectory of the ball will be a little lower.  Therefore, when the ball hits the green, there will be more rolls as well.

At par 3, I am playing below. The flag is behind the bunker on the left side of the green.  I have 146 yards to the middle of the green.  So I have to deduct 10%, so the yardage now plays at 132.  My pitching wedge flies 130 yards at sea level.  There is no chance of stopping the ball on the green if I go directly at the flag, so the correct play aims about 40 feet left of the hole and tries to stop the ball on the front left of the green.

I hit my pitching wedge to the front left, leaving me a long putt.  I managed to two-putt for my par.  All because of considering all factors before playing the shot.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Playing at Altitude – Course Management #16. This should stand you in good stead the next time you find yourself at altitude.

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