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Learn bunker play from the Master.

Learn bunker play from the Master.

Learn bunker play from the Master.  Phil Mickelson!

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Listen as Phil Mickelson, one of the best at the short game, describes the various shots that can be played out of a greenside bunker.  Phil said he went from 83rd to 3rd in bunker play using a simple technique taught to him by his short game instructor Dave Peltz.

Does Bunker play improve your Driving?

Dave Peltz conducted studies that proved the rhythm and smoothness required by a bunker shot carries over to your long game!  Who knew!

The Most Critical Element.

According to Phil Mickelson, the most critical element of bunker play is to continue your hands through to the finish!  Most amateur golfers do the complete opposite.  The hands stop moving the moment the club strikes the ground.  The reason.  Fear!  They’re scared that the ball is going to go too far.  Watch Phil (or any Tour player for that matter) and see how far the arms go through, even for a short bunker shot.  Phil is hitting a 10-yard bunker shot, but his hands are finishing above his shoulders.  Head for the practice bunker and work on your follow-through!

Ball Position.

You want your bunker shots to land softly, so we need height.  Play the ball position off the lead heel.  Draw a line in the sand when you practice to get the feel of this.

Source: Warren Breakwell   Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Learn bunker play from the Master.  Let’s hope your bunker play improves on your next round!

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