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Lateral Water Hazard - Rules & Etiquette #41.

Lateral Water Hazard – Rules & Etiquette #41.

Lateral Water Hazard – Rules & Etiquette #41.

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Today we talk about the three options we can take when dropping out of a lateral water hazard.  Check out the one that is the most overlooked!

There are three options when taking a drop from a lateral water hazard.

  1. Two club-lengths from where the ball entered the hazard, not nearer the hole.  This is the most common outcome and the one most people know.
  2. Replaying the shot from where I hit my last shot. Not many people know that I can go back (almost like an out of bounds) and replay the shot—stroke and distance penalty.
  3.  The option that most golfers overlook.  You can play the shot from the opposite bank of the hazard (again, not nearer the hole) directly across from where the ball entered the hazard. That option is worthwhile if it gives you a better angle into the green.  You may have a tree in your way playing from one side and a totally clear shot from the other side.

So there you have your 3 options.  Weigh all 3 before you make your decision.  You may save a stroke or two!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Lateral Water Hazard – Rules & Etiquette #41. You are now more informed about the rules!

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