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Indoor Practice When the Weather is Bad - Fitness Friday #73

Indoor Practice When the Weather is Bad – Fitness Friday #73

Indoor Practice When the Weather is Bad – Fitness Friday #73

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Anybody not living in the southern part of the United States is probably stuck indoors for the duration of the winter.  But do not despair!  There are a ton of things to work on.  Improving your game with indoor practice and getting your body in better shape, will make an enormous difference in your golf game in the upcoming season.

Our Indoor Practice Guest of the Week.

Today our guest is Karen Palacios-Jansen of Cardio Golf in North Carolina.  Karen demonstrates how to use indoor practice when the weather prevents you from working on your game outdoors.  Using a short club designed by Karen, so that you don’t take out the chandelier, this makes indoor practice when the weather is bad, a breeze. 

Other Benefits.

The short club has another benefit, in that it allows you to swing the club a little bit faster.  This helps your body work on those fast twitch muscles to develop more clubhead speed. And finally, you can do something I always preach – incremental practice.  By swinging slowly and check out each position.  Halfway back, top of the backswing, the start of the downswing, impact, and follow-through, you get the benefit of good form and fitness as well.

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Source: Cardio Golf     Mel Sole Golf School

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