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Increase your golf strength using a medicine ball - Fitness Friday #86.

Increase your golf strength using a medicine ball – Fitness Friday #86.

Increase your golf strength using a medicine ball – Fitness Friday #86.

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Once again, our host is Carolina Romero, aka The Fit Golfer Girl!  Today Carolina, along with Long Drive expert Alex Phillips, will help increase your golf strength and improve core and rotational power.  Both important aspects of improving your golf game! For these exercises today, you are going to need a partner or a wall.  Let’s get started.

Half-Kneeling Bounce Pass.

Get into a half-kneeling position, hold the ball over the shoulder on the side of the forward leg and slam the ball as hard as you can into the ground in the opposite direction.  Maintain good posture and repeat on the other side.

Squat to Side Toss.

Go into a half squat, powerfully stand up, rotate your body, and throw the ball as hard as possible to your partner or against a wall.  Repeat on the other side.

Half-Kneeling Side Toss.

Start in a half-kneeling position sideways onto a partner or a wall.  Keeping your upper body stable and your arms straight, turn away from the wall and then toss the ball into the wall as hard as you can.  Switch and repeat—the turn to face the opposite direction and repeat.

Kneeling Side Toss.

Similar to the Half-Kneeling Side Toss, but on both knees.  You will really have to use your core to generate power.

Do these using a partner or a wall!

Sit-Up and Throw.

This is a great exercise to develop upper body and core power.  With a partner or against a wall, lay flat on your back while holding a MedBall over your head.  While maintaining your feet flat on the ground, do a sit-up while throwing the ball as hard as you can to a partner or a wall.

Disassociation Turns.

Get into a staggered stance with most of your weight on the front foot.  Hold the MedBall with your arms extended in front and rotate the body to the side of the forward leg while keeping your lower body as stable as possible. Switch feet and rotate in the opposite direction.

Single-Leg Turns.

Balance on one leg while your arms are extended and rotate to the side of the planted leg. Repeat on the other side.

Ball Slams.

Ball Slams are great for general conditioning and will help with the ability to recruit more muscle fibers with less effort for more explosive power.  Use a non-bouncing medicine ball, and mix it up by slamming from side to side.

Source: Carolina Romero   Fit Golfer Girl  Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Increase your golf strength using a medicine ball – Fitness Friday #86.

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