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How to Aim within the Rules - Rules & Etiquette #61

How to Aim within the Rules – Rules & Etiquette #61

How to Aim within the Rules – Rules & Etiquette #61

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This week’s theme is “accuracy” and what do the rules of golf have to do with accuracy.  Well, Rule 8-2a allows a player to place a club on the ground to help them aim correctly, as long as the player picks up that club before hitting the shot.  Here’s how to do this!  Watch as I explain a rule that can actually help you on the golf course.  Sometimes if you know the rules you can lower your scores!

How to Aim at the Range.

On the Driving Range, you would use a club (which I hate) or an alignment stick to help you aim.  Start off by placing the club you are about to practice with, with the butt end of the club against the ball.  Aim the shaft directly at your target. Now take an alignment stick and place it between our toe line and the ball, parallel to the club on the ground.  I call this parallel left because it is aiming to the left of the target, but parallel to the club.  The club is aiming at the target.  Pick up the club and take your stance with your toes parallel to the alignment stick.

How to Aim at the Golf Course.

Take the club you are going to hit, lay it on the ground where your feet are going to be.  make sure the club is aimed parallel left of the target.  Place your toes parallel to the club and pick it up without moving your feet.  You now know FOR SURE that you are aimed correctly.  If you hit it offline, it was something in your swing and not your aim!

Thank you for watching Rules & Etiquette Wednesday #61 Aiming to help you aim consistently on the golf course.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching How to Aim within the Rules – Rules & Etiquette #61

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