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Hit Better Chip Shots - Use the Bounce - Short Game Saturday #83.

Hit Better Chip Shots – Use the Bounce – Short Game Saturday #83.

Hit Better Chip Shots – Use the Bounce – Short Game Saturday #83.

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For the most part, I teach using a low lofted club when chipping—usually a 6, 7 8, or 9 iron.  However, when chipping into the grain, it is better to use a Sand wedge because of the Sand Wedge’s bounce.  Usually, a Sand Wedge has anything from 6 to 14 degrees of bounce, and what this does is prevent the leading edge of the club from digging into the grain if it is running against you. You can easily test the grain by running the club back and forth to see which way is smooth and rough. 

If the grass feels smooth, the grain is running in the direction you are sliding the club.  If the grain is against you, there is a danger that the club’s leading edge could stick into the grain, and you end up flubbing the chip.

The Method.

Use a Sand Wedge when you are chipping against the grain to ensure that the leading edge will not dig and slide through the grass easily. Make sure there is not a lot of forward shaft lean.  The forward shaft lean will bring the leading edge into play—something you do not want in this shot.  The shaft should be at about 90 degrees to fully utilize the bounce. For best results, let the clubhead pass the hands through impact!  Find a spot on the range that has this condition to practice the correct technique.  You’ll love the results!


Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Hit Better Chip Shots – Use the Bounce – Short Game Saturday #83.

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