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Grip pressure makes a difference to your golf!

Grip pressure makes a difference to your golf!

Grip pressure makes a difference to your golf!

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Grip pressure is one thing you can correct quickly and see immediate results.  Most swing changes take time to develop and get comfortable, but grip pressure can make a difference right away! My personal preference is about a 2, knowing that the hands instinctively tighten slightly as I swing.  So start really soft, and see that ball disappear into the distance!  

Improving your grip pressure during your swing can also improve your distance and accuracy. Mel Sole explains how grip pressure affects your swing.

What is the correct grip pressure?

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being as tight as you can hold the club and 1 being as loose as you can hold the club, the perfect pressure during the swing is about a 3.

Why tight is bad.

Tight grip pressure tightens up the entire golf swing.  The tension spreads through the wrists, forearms, shoulders, and neck.  All this tension really restricts turning freely, and the lag is almost negligible on the downswing, costing the golfers tons of power! You can add several yards to your distance just by loosening your grip pressure.  Think of holding a child’s hand as you cross the street.  You don’t want to hold them too tight if you hurt them, but not too loose that they will be able to pull away and run into traffic!

Why loose is bad.

If you are losing the club at the top of the backswing due to a too loose grip, then the clubface angle will probably change at the top of the swing. In addition, any heel or toe strikes will make the clubhead twist in the hands, causing off-line shots.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for reading – Grip pressure makes a difference to your golf!  Soft is always good for any golf shot!

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How to grip a golf club correctly 100% of the time!


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