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Are breaking putts sensitive to speed?

Are breaking putts sensitive to speed?

Are breaking putts sensitive to speed?

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We have always been told that speed is the most important thing in putting.  If you choose the perfect line but have the wrong speed, the putt won’t go in.  But John Graham  the Aim Point putting guy explains that missing on the high side is far better than missing on the low side.  Some putts will still go in with the exact same speed, hit on a line slightly higher. So there is a reason they call the low side the “amateur” side!

Proof Positive!

With a device called a Perfect Putter, John Graham rolls the ball with perfect end over end roll.  Set to a speed that if the ball missed, it would go about 1 foot past the hole, this is the perfect pace for most putts.  John demonstrated three different lines all set to the same speed.  When set on the “correct” line the ball went in the hole every time.  The ball set between six and eight inches higher either went in or stopped really close.  If the ball was set on a line 6 to eight inches lower, not only missed the hole every time but left a “tester” coming back.  Proof Positive that missing on the high side is always better.

Maybe break breaking putts aren’t as sensitive as we thought. More reasons to play for more break.

Source: John Graham   Mel Sole Golf School.

Thank you for watching Are breaking putts sensitive to speed?  I hope you learned as much as I did! Next time you have a breaking putt on the golf course, err on the high side!

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