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7 Types of Golfers on the Range.

7 Types of Golfers on the Range.

7 Types of Golfers on the Range.

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I suppose I could have used the headline “7 Types of golfers I see in Golf School,” and I would have the same list. However, these golfers seem to fit a mold from the golf course to the driving range to golf school.  And you can almost guess their handicap before they start to swing!   of Golf Digest has put together an interesting assortment of golfers for this eclectic list!

If ever you have spent a late summer afternoon beating balls on a range all alone, you know a feeling of absolute joy or a feeling of utter hopelessness.  And sometimes you can experience these two feelings on the same afternoon!

I’ve spent a fair amount of time at driving ranges over the years, even if my ball-striking might suggest otherwise. I’m not talking about the real grass, Titleist-pyramid ranges of private club dreams, but your typical asphalt and Astroturf public ranges where the balls have long been stripped of dimples, the clubs you can borrow are from now-defunct manufacturers, and the characters tend to fall into clearly-defined categories.

Among my favorites:

1. The middle management executive on his lunch break.

His tie is tucked into his dress shirt, a fountain soda from Wendy’s sits at his side, and in 20 minutes he’ll return to the drudgery of conference calls and PowerPoints. Don’t talk to him.

2. The Champions Tour hopeful.

He gets four large buckets, situates himself in the furthest corner of the range, and works his way methodically through his bag. There’s usually an alignment tool involved, maybe even a video camera, and he only breaks to towel off and for his own pre-packed lunch. Don’t talk to him, either.

3. The guy who brings his girlfriend.

This is usually first- or second-date material. In the idyllic stages of a relationship he thinks she’s actually interested in taking up the game. (she’s perfect!) She acts impressed by his 185-yard reverse-pivot drives. Flirty help with her alignment is almost always a given.

To see the other 4 types of people on the range, go here!

Source:   Golf Digest  Mel Sole Golf School.

Pictures: Golf Digest   Camron Flanders

Thanks for watching – 7 Types of Golfers on the Range.  Did you see yourself?

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