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Learn to Master the Uphill Lie Shot on the Course!

Most higher handicappers tend to struggle when it comes to uphill or downhill lies.  The simple rule is to play the ball off your highest foot. so on an uphill lie, you would play the  ball off your front foot. On a downhill lie, you would play the ball towards your back foot.  Also, remember as Bill Haas tells us in this learn about our VIP Program here »

Do you want to learn to spin the ball? Watch this!

Almost every golfer I know will ask me at some stage during a golf lesson "How do I get more Spin with my Wedges?"  Dave Marsh of iGolftv gives some pointers in this video.  One of the most critical things amateurs overlook is the importance of having clean grooves!  It amazes me how many golfers play with dirty clubs.  You have almost no chance of getting any spin on the ball if your grooves are dirty.  After my warm-up on the range before I . . .

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