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Match a car to these PGA and LPGA players personalities! Love #4!

This is a fun article by Golf Swing by Swing to match up their personalities with current cars.  Every player on both the PGA and LPGA Tour has their own unique personality, so matching them up must have been a fun exercise.  I really like Rickie Fowler matching up with a Mustang - Boss 429.  Suits him perfectly!  What would you be?  My favorite car when I was younger was a Jaguar Mark 10.  Sleek and luxurious.  That's me!

Adam Scott

The Australian . . .

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Padriag Harrington tests his “skills” on the Driving Range! Watch this!

The ball collector is driving past you, and you can’t help but aim for it. What golfer hasn’t done it?  I’ve never been on the range and not seen at least one golfer at least try to crack a shot at the moving cage. Kids love this and you can hear shrieks of joy as they hit their target.  Here Padraig Harrington takes his skills to the range to see how many times he can hit the ball collector. Watch to see how well he does.  Thanks to the learn about our VIP Program here »

I always knew golf was magical, but this is amazing!

We are always in awe of magicians and wonder how they are able to deceive us with such great slight of hand.  But when you bring a magician together wit the European Tour even more magic appears.  The one with Peter Hedblom getting a playing card out of his shoe was amazing!  But some of the players had some magic of their own. The European Tour - Magical Golf!


Source: European . . .

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What can you learn about wedge play from Sir Nick Faldo?

Nick Faldo has won 6 Major Championships, mostly through dedication and hard work.  As one of the best wedge players ever, he has relied on his wedge shot time and time again to either achieve birdie or save par.  If you want to lower your scores and start lowering your handicap, this is definitely one way to do it.  Listen to Sir Nick on just how simple this shot can be!


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My Best Shot by Thomas Bjorn. #9 in our series

Have you ever hit a shot and knew it was perfect, the moment it came off the clubface.  Not only did Thomas Bjorn know that, in his match on the 14th hole of the second round of the 2003 World Match Play Championship, but Ernie Els, his opponent knew as well.  "That was a perfect shot" said Ernie as the ball came off the clubface.  And how right he was!

European golfing legend Thomas Bjorn shares with us his addition to our My Best Shot series


Source . . .

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20 Memorable Shots of Seve Ballesteros. #15 is my Favorite!

It is 35 years since Seve Ballesteros won his first green jacket at Augusta National!  The Master of Magic thrilled us all with his infectious smile, and his unbelievable ability to get it up and down from the ball washer.  I am sorry that I never had the chance to see Seve live, and I am poorer for that.

The European Tour has put together 20 gorgeous photos of Seve in a memorandum of this golfing genius.

To . . .

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It’s not the Ryder Cup, but it is just as hotly contested!

See what happens when European Tour players Andy Sullivan, Bernd Weisberger, Peter Uhlein, and Thomas Pieters get together and tackle an "All Sport Challenge!". Equipment includes a Cricket bat and ball, Rugby Ball, Tennis Racket and Ball and even an Ice Hockey Stick.  You have to play one shot with each item.  Seeing how bad these guys were, maybe the Americans should change the format of the Ryder Cup, then they might have a chance!  Thanks so much to learn about our VIP Program here »

Is this the craziest warm up routine you ever saw?

This warm up routine by Shingo Katayama from Japan shows just how talented these golfers really are!  I have read the theory that using both sides of your body equally is good when you are working out in the gym, but this is taking that theory to a whole new level!

The Japanese star warms-up left-handed on the range, but actually plays right-handed!


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