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Seniors School

Our Senior Golf School is a more compact program for those desiring a shorter time input for instruction.  No age restriction, although kids must be accompanied by an adult. This program features 2 hours of instruction from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm Mon. to Wed. and Thur. to Sat. Available at our Myrtle Beach, SC Golf School as well as our Sea Trail, NC Golf School locations.

Day 1

mel-teaching3Students start warming up and are then video taped while hitting an iron. Back inside the viewing room, the instructor reviews the tape with the student to determine which aspects of the full swing they will be working on and why, and how this work will achieve the desired results. Afterward, the students go back out to the practice tee and given drills to start them on their course to improvement. The remaining time is spent working on these drills.

Day 2

We start with pitching and then bunker shots. All of these shots are video taped. When this is complete, work continues on the drill started on Day 1, and towards the end of the class the students will return to the viewing room to watch the tape. They’ll observe changes which have taken place and they will see which areas of their swing need further work the following day.

Day 3

We start with chipping and putting, and after will work on the full swing (usually with the woods). Final viewing is done at the end of the day, questions are encouraged and a practice plan is discussed.

All video assessments for all 3 Days of Senior Golf School are emailed directly to the student for continued practice.

Senior Golf School Special Rate

$340 year round.

Please note: Not valid with any other offers or discounts.

Book a Senior Golf School Now or call us at 1-800-624-4653 for more information.

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