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Online Golf Instruction with the MEL SOLE GOLF SCHOOL.

Welcome to Online Golf Instruction with the MEL SOLE GOLF SCHOOL.

Mel Sole golf school’s stay-at-home golf lessons, for times when you can’t come to the academy.

Let’s Get Started!

Online Golf Instruction with the MEL SOLE GOLF SCHOOL.

First: Get the V1 Golf App from the App Store. (Now Free) I suggest using your email address as your login and “password” (without the italics) as your password. Give me a call at 800-624-4653 if you need help with the setup.  You need to use “password” because if ever I need to look at any of your videos, I will not have a problem accessing your locker.  If you are a returning student, I usually look at the videos to remind myself of what we worked on in the previous session.

Next: Video your swing both directly from the back and from the front. Ensure that the person taking the video is standing at 90 degrees face-on and 90 degrees from behind. Ask them to make sure that the image fills the screen. (Take some practice swings beforehand to make sure that the club stays on-screen.)

Choice of Plans for Online Golf Instruction

3-day School:

Day 1: Video your swing with a 7 iron from the angles discussed above. Then face the camera, introduce yourself and answer the following questions:

  1. How often do you play?
  2. How often do you practice?
  3. What kind of scores do you shoot?
  4. What are your goals for this 3-day session?

I will then send you an analysis of your swing and include the relevant drill to help you with your particular fault(s).

Day 2: Have your pitching motion videotaped (about a 50-yard shot) and also a green-side bunker shot. I will then send you an analysis of the pitch & bunker shot, plus drills to help correct faults.

Day 3: Get a video made of your chip shot (include the ball and the flag) and a putt from the 2 angles described at the top of this directive. I will then send an analysis of these 2 shots, plus the necessary drills to improve your skills.

2-day School: select 2 of the above described days.

1-day School: select 1 of the above described 3 days.


Cost for this program: $50 per “DAY.” Purchase any number of days described above.

* Special Introductory offer: Buy 2 days and get a 3rd day FREE!

Thanks for reading – Online Golf Instruction with the MEL SOLE GOLF SCHOOL.

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