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Mel Sole Golf School Testimonials.

Mel Sole Golf School Testimonials.

Mel Sole Golf School Testimonials.

The Mel Sole Golf School is located at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club in Pawleys Island, SC, Sea Trail Resort in Sunset Beach, NC, and Holiday Valley Resort Ellicottville, NY.

“I finished a three-day golf school recently at the Mel Sole Golf School in Greenville, SC. Jennifer Shillington was my instructor, and I have to tell you about my experience. I have been working on the things Jen has instilled in me, and I am hitting the ball better than I ever have in my life. I have been playing golf for 25 years, and I never really understood the golf swing. After 10+ hours of instruction, I finally stand up to the ball with confidence with the full swing, pitching, chipping, and putting.

Your school teaches every aspect of golf, and this difficult game has become so much easier and more FUN for me! I am finally “scoring”… something I always knew I was capable of, but now I have the knowledge and tools to accomplish. Keep doing what you are doing in the game of golf, Mel. I’m solid proof of another success story coming out of the Mel Sole Golf School. Your instructors are amazing and a huge reason the program works! Thanks for the incredible experience.”
—Jack W. Whitley

“As an Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Specialist for 28 years, often working with golfers, I express true appreciation of Mel’s amazing teaching ability. He has a very keen sense of the physiology and biomechanics of the golf swing. And his ability to communicate to various types of learners, how to improve the swing, is second to none.”
— Melissa Patton P.T., Murrells Inlet, SC

“After returning from your school, I went to the club and hit a full range of clubs and then played a full round of golf. The shots went straight, far, and crisp. What a difference! My biggest regret regarding your school and particularly the lessons from you, Mel? That I had not attended your school years ago. It would have eliminated years of frustrating golf!”
— Jim Lentz, The Lentz Group, Inc.

“I’ve been to several well-known schools, and I truly believe your program and approach to be the best. The combination of videos, computers, and the drills was outstanding!”
— Peter Schick, Moneta Group, Inc.

I would recommend your school to anyone looking to improve the quality of their golf game. It is also a great way to spend some personal and productive time with clients. Thanks for your help and the professional touch from your staff.”
— Reid Pannill, Fluor Daniel

“Excellent program. Great instructor. The practice drills and my take-home videotape have resulted in major improvement. Thank You!”
— Louis Adams, Arlington, VA

“Simple and effective instruction. Our teacher worked magic with all 4 of us, and we each had very different swing problems!”
— Bill and Alice Otis, Pawleys Island, SC

“The Mel Sole Golf School is the best thing that ever happened to my golf game. I won the City Championship only one month after school!”
— Sara Lowdermilk, Shreveport, LA

“I was a 27 handicap when I first came to your school 10 years ago. With each return visit, my handicap has fallen and is now below 10! Thanks a million.”
— Mike Pembroke, Newark, DE

“Having been to 4 other schools, Mel Sole Golf School was by far the finest and most fundamentally sounded that I’ve experienced. I’m recommending you highly!”
— Wayne George, Olathe, KS

“You run a first-class operation, and the value is one of the best in the industry. My game has improved dramatically, particularly my short game.”
— Joseph Freer, ex-NHL player, Winston-Salem, NC

“Thanks for improving my whole game. I’ve dropped 5 strokes from my handicap, and I’m 75 years young!”
— Kay Rylott, Toronto, ON

“My goal was to break 100 consistently, and I’m now doing that. My husband and I enjoyed the 3 day school so much that we’ll be back with new goals. Thanks again!”
— Lawana Jones, Bremen, GA

“As beginner golfers who were struggling with the basics, we are thrilled with our improvement. The daily lessons and drills on all parts of the game were obvious and actually fun to do! Our take-home tapes with audio are a great reference for future practice sessions.”
— A. Williamson & S. Surrett, Augusta, GA

“As someone who has been around athletic competition all my life, I can say without reservation that Mel Sole is the finest teacher I have come across in any sport.
— Dave Hart, Director of Athletics, Florida State University

“I’ve taken lessons from the most famous players in golf, but nothing beats what I’ve learned from Mel. For the money, they’re the best in the world.
— the late Wayne Calloway, former Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo

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