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At Mel Sole Golf School kids learn for FREE!

Share your love of golf with your child, grandchild or any youngster with youth golf lessons at our Juniors Golf School in Myrtle Beach, SC. At the Mel Sole Golf School kids learn for free! All juniors, age 17 and under, play free, year round, with each accompanying adult. *

Another option is for your child to attend our 3-day Juniors Golf School and save $100 off the regular tuition rate. 

Mel Sole Golf School is committed to providing a great opportunity for kids and adults to learn the game of golf together, at a great price. If you are planning a family vacation in Myrtle Beach, what better way to spend time as a family than learning and practicing your golf game? 

Juniors Golf School is a great way to introduce the child in your life to the game of golf or to take their game to the next level. At the Mel Sole Golf School, we teach juniors good golf course etiquette, the fundamental golf rules, as well as the correct pace of play, all important aspects to start to focus on at an early age.

Why should juniors learn to play golf?

We think that all kids should learn to play golf. Golf lessons for juniors are always fun and can be very rewarding for the kids as well as for the adults in their lives. At Mel Sole Golf School, we teach juniors not only the basics of golf, but skills that will bring them lasting enjoyment.

Lifetime friendships are sometimes formed on the golf course. If not a lifetime friend, children will learn to communicate and be friendly with the other players for a few hours at a time. They will learn to show respect for the other players as well as safety around others.

Life skills are an important aspect of learning golf. Problem solving is an important skill for all golfers. Taking the wind, lay of the land and the sand traps into consideration while playing helps people of all ages to think ahead. Focus is another vital skill learned on the golf course that will prepare the student for success in life.

Another benefit of playing golf, it gets children outside and in the fresh air. Not only children, but the whole family can learn, play and spend time together. This goes for while you are on vacation in Myrtle Beach as well as on your home town golf course.

Golf is one of the few sports where any size or shape can play and be successful at it. At Mel Sole Golf School, we give our junior players positive feedback, and make golf lessons a fun experience.  

How do we teach a young child to play golf? 

When we teach a young child to play golf we give them lots of praise and encouragement. We want them to master the short game first. We start with putting, which is easier to accomplish and where students will see quick results. When juniors see rapid results their interest and enthusiasm grow, and they will want to continue to learn and play.

For the young children at juniors golf school we play games, such as:

  • Best of Three: On the practice putting green, hit three balls each at the same hole. Closest to the hole gets five points, second-closest three, and third-closest one. Play three holes and add up the scores. Winner gets ice cream!
  • Blind-Man’s Bluff: Have a (short) putting contest only… you putt with your eyes closed!

We then move on to chipping and short pitch shots. We include contests to see who can get the ball closest to the targets set out. They love competing on our obstacle course.

Here are some video explaining Mel Sole’s teaching methods for juniors golf school.

The right way for beginner juniors to learn bunker play 

Making the instruction fun so the juniors will want to return to the golf course

Teaching beginner juniors that thing called “feel”

Contact us now to enroll in Juniors Golf School

If you are thinking of participating in one of the Mel Sole Golf Schools contact us now! You can call us for information about bringing a junior golfer along with you at 1-800-624-4653 or register online. You’ll be glad that you did.

*If more than one child accompanies you, then their lessons are 50% off. At this time, Juniors School is only offered at our Mel Sole Golf School Myrtle Beach location.

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