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When is a Pitch not a Pitch?

When is a Pitch Shot not a Pitch Shot?

When is a Pitch Shot not a Pitch Shot?

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Monthly Golf Tip by the Mel Sole Golf School

Sometimes, you face a shot on the golf course that is too short for a regular pitch but too long for a chip.  The technique for a pitch is a quick wrist hinge and a follow-through to about waist height.  These shots go between 20 and 80 yards, depending on how long the backswing is.  On the other hand, a chip is more with a firm wrist with no wrist break and closer to a putting stroke.

Responding to a question from regular student Barry Melvin, who asked: “How do I play the shot between 10 and 30 yards where I do not have to fly the ball very far but still need it to stop fairly quickly?”

The Solution.

Barry, the answer to this is what I would call a long chip. First, take your most lofted club, in my case, a 60-degree wedge. Next, take your normal chipping stance, with feet together and angled slightly towards the target.  Then hinge your wrists slightly on the backswing (not a full cock like in a pitch) and then allow the wrists to unhinge on the downswing, making sure that there is no flip at the bottom of the arc but rather a firm-wristed follow through like a chip.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

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