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What is the Golf Swing Plane?

What is the Golf Swing Plane?

What is the Golf Swing Plane?

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Monthly Golf Tip by the Mel Sole Golf School.

This month’s tip comes from Michael Brown of Sumter, SC who asks: “How do I know when I am on plane with the backswing, the top of the swing and the downswing?”

What is the Golf Swing Plane?


Start of the Takeaway.

The takeaway starts with the arms and left side moving simultaneously, with the hands moving back along the “body line” (or toe line) as in picture #1.  Notice I have not “pulled” the club to the inside but allowed my arms to swing back without any manipulation of the arms and hands.  This is critical as any manipulation or rotation of the left forearm will immediately get the club off the plane. You’ll notice that the clubface is parallel to the spine angle.  This confirms that there is no forearm rotation.

Halfway up the backswing.

The shaft is pointing either at the ball or slightly inside the ball line as in picture #2.


What is the Golf Swing Plane?



What is the Golf Swing Plane?


And finally, the shoulders keep turning and set the club on plane at the top of the swing. The shaft should be pointed either directly down the line, or slightly to the left of target.  (the club should not “cross the line” or point to the right of the target.)

Practice these moves in front of a mirror in order to both see and feel the correct positions, so that when you go to the practice tee you’ll know what to strive for.

Note.  In the featured image I am using a SwingGyde.  This will help you get the club more on plane.  You can purchase it right here.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for reading What is the Golf Swing Plane?  Now you know!

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