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upper body separation

Upper Body Separation with a Hip Rotation Drill

Upper Body Separation with a Hip rotation Drill

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A lot of golfers swing the club with their arms and do not get the proper body rotation, causing loss of power and hitting behind the ball.  Understanding this lower body rotation has just got easier with Mel Sole’s unique drill of allowing the student to feel the relationship between the upper and the lower body moving separately.

This is an easy drill that addresses the direct correlation between your arms and hips.


Take tow alignment sticks or tow golf clubs and hold them out in front of you like you were skiing.  Feet are about shoulder-width apart, arms straight.  This position keeps the upper body fairly still while allowing the lower body to move.

The Drill.

Slowly twist the hips to the rear as if you were taking the club back.  Do not allow the upper body to move while you are doing this drill.  Twist back as far as you can.  Now slowly turn the hips through to the front as far as they will go.  Do this over several times, each time trying to rotate a little further back and a little further through.

Once you feel like the back is starting to loosen up, you can start increasing the speed of the rotation until you are moving your hips back and forth as fast as you can.  Do this daily and you will find that you will be able to rotate through the ball at impact with your golf swing and as a result, start hitting the ball a lot further!

Once you can do the Upper Body Separation with a Hip rotation Drill you golf game will move to another level!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching Upper Body Separation with a Hip Rotation Drill  Try it!

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