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There is no conscious wrist hinge!

There is no conscious wrist hinge!

There is no conscious wrist hinge!

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Monthly Golf Tips by the Mel Sole Golf School.

Many golfers’ topic is the wrist cock during the backswing: When to cock the wrists? How to cock the wrists? Executing this correctly will increase clubhead speed, which is a key to a greater distance. Clearly, there are some excellent reasons for increasing your understanding of this subtle aspect of your swing.

In this month’s video golf tip, learn about my thoughts on the wrist hinge during the backswing and grip pressure.

When do you hinge your wrists?

Never!  The wrist hinge should occur naturally.  If you start the backswing with the chest and have a one-piece takeaway with no tension in the wrists, the club’s momentum will hinge the wrists.  As the hand speed starts to slow down towards the top of the backswing, the clubhead is still traveling at the same speed as it was halfway up.  When the hands stop, the clubhead continues for a few feet until the wrist cannot hinge anymore.  THAT is the top of the backswing.

How much do you hinge your wrists?

Each person is different, but the softer the grip pressure, the easier the wrists will hinge.  They will hinge as far as they are allowed. So again, grip pressure will be the determining factor.

When do I unhinge the wrists?

If the grip pressure remains the same at the start of the downswing, the wrist will automatically hold the angle between the lead forearm and the shaft until centrifugal force allows gravity to take over and the club reaches maximum velocity at impact!


Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – There is no conscious wrist hinge!  Work on this on the range before trying it on the course!

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