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The "Role" of the Hands Through Impact.

The “Role” of the Hands Through Impact.

The “Role” of the Hands Through Impact.

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Monthly Golf Tip by the Mel Sole Golf School.

This month’s tip comes from a request by John Sedgewick of Auburn, ME, who asks, “What is the role of the hands through impact? I know the hands “rotate” through impact, but when I try that, I pull the ball.”

John, the hands do release (or rotate) through the hitting area, but the key is to make sure the hands travel directly down the target line for the ball to go straight.  Here is The “Role” of the Hands Through Impact

The "Role" of the Hands Through Impact


Entering the hitting area.

In picture #1, I am entering the “hitting area.” My hands maintain the angle between the left forearm and the shaft to increase clubhead speed through impact.

The "Role" of the Hands Through Impact



In picture #2 my hands have released and rotated to square the clubface at impact. Make sure you do this by rotating the left forearm.  Do not try and turn the club over with your right hand, as this will cause either a “flip” motion or a “scoop” motion.

The "Role" of the Hands Through Impact


Exiting the Hitting Area.

In picture #3, the hands have fully released the last three fingers of the left hand showing, and the right hand is “on top” of the shaft. The inside part of the left arm is facing the sky! The clubhead has traveled directly to my target.

The "Role" of the Hands Through Impact


Picture #4 shows the relationship between the hand rotation and the extension down the line from the front view. Both of these things must occur to prevent:

A: Pulling or hooking the ball by following through around the body.

B: Pushing or slicing the ball by failing to release the clubhead fully.

Work on this drill with half shots until you can hit the ball solidly in the middle of the clubface and fairly straight before trying it with the full swing.

Source: Mel Sole Golf Schol.

Thanks for reading – The “Role” of the Hands Through Impact.  No more slicing for you!

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