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Simplifying the chip shot.

Simplifying the chip shot.

Simplifying the chip shot.

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Monthly Golf Tips by the Mel Sole Golf School.

Chipping looks so easy when we watch the golf professionals chip.  So why do most amateurs struggle with this shot? Simplifying the chip shot is something that all amateurs can do if they know-how!

The Setup.

First, make sure the ball position is constant.  To do this, place your feet at 90 degrees to where you are aiming. Next, turn your feet, so they are angled at 45 degrees towards the hole.  This should not place the ball position slightly behind the rear foot. Next, place the butt of the club on your lead thigh to get the proper shaft forward lean. 

Grip Pressure.

The grip pressure should be extremely soft.  On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being as tight as you can hold, the grip pressure on both chipping and putting should be about a 2.

The Stroke.

Take your grip and allow the club to swing back and through like a pendulum.  The muscles between your shoulder blades are the only muscles doing any work.  The hands and arms, as well as the lower body, are all doing absolutely nothing!

When you take your practice swing to feel how hard you will hit the shot, let the club brush the grass.  The bottom of the arc should be right at or slightly in front of the ball.  There should not be an acceleration of the clubhead with this shot!  Let the club swing back and though at a consistent speed to make the hit more consistent.

You should feel and hear when good contact is made, and a good trajectory and consistent roll will be the result.


Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – Simplifying the chip shot.  Please keep it simple!

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