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Want To Save Strokes? Know the Rules of Golf!

In this month’s video, Mel Sole shares an important off-the-course golf tip: know the rules of golf! Decisions on the Rules of Golf is an excellent manual that clarifies any ambiguity that might arise from the Rules and allows you to correctly interpret the complete Rules of Golf.

The level of detail is staggering, covering everything from using bottled water to gauge a slope to what to do when your ball lands on a crawfish mound, and the new ruling on Anchored Putting, which has been so controversial. Whether in competition or everyday play, this book provides you with the necessary guidance to impartially apply the Rules in any situation encountered on the golf course.

How does knowing the Rules help you shoot lower scores? As Mel describes in telling a story about Harry Bradshaw’s big mistake in the ’49 British Open, not knowing the Rules leads to bad decisions on the course—decisions that will cost you shots!

Don’t know the difference between a loose impediment and a movable obstruction? Get your copy of Decisions today, available a spiral bound book as well as an iPhone app.

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