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Address and Ball Position.

Position Your Feet To Hit the Ball Further

Position Your Feet To Hit the Ball Further

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It’s always the little things… The way you position your feet through your swing can have a direct impact on how far you hit the ball. Many amateur golfers can get more distance just by making a simple adjustment in the positioning of their feet, which promotes proper hip turn through the downswing.  

Feet and Ball Position.

A high percentage of the amateurs I teach have their toes pointing directly out in front of them.  I don’t think I have ever seen a golf professional place their feet in this manner.  The lead toe should be flared out about 30 degrees to facilitate the clearing of the hips on the downswing.  The faster the hips clear, the more clubhead speed you will create.

So here is an easy way to get both ball position and feet position correct at the same time.

Place your feet together with the ball placed off the rear toe.  Keep the heel still and flair the lead toe out about 30 degrees.  Place the back foot to about shoulder-width.  Now you have the ball position correct (2″ inside your lead heel) AND the feet position is correct as well.  The back foot is at 90 degrees to the target line and the front foot is flared out 30 degrees.

Each time before you hit a shot, whether on the range or on the course, go through this routine until it feels completely natural. Once you can Position Your Feet To Hit the Ball Further you will!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching Position Your Feet To Hit the Ball Further  I hope this helps you add yards to your drive!

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