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Playing Out of Soft Bunkers

Playing Out of Soft Bunkers

Playing Out of Soft Bunkers

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Monthly Golf Tips by the Mel Sole Golf School.

Unless you’re playing the PGA Tour, it’s likely that you’re playing courses with bunkers that have varying textures of sand, from hard pan to soft and fluffy. Learning how to manage these tricky situations is critical to lowering your scores.

Last year, I shared three pro tips for playing out of hard bunkers. As mentioned, the approach for playing hard bunkers versus soft bunkers is quite different. On location in Mexico, I explain the key to successful shots out of soft, fluffy sand in this month’s video golf tip. 

Club Selection.

The club selection is exactly the opposite of playing out of hard sand.  You now want plenty of bounce, so a sand wedge would be the club of choice.  The sand wedge has the most bounce of any club and the bounce prevents the club from digging in the soft sand.  Instead, the club will glide through and allow running shot or a nice soft landing shot.

Technique – Long Shot.

In this instance, you want to keep the clubface square.  With less loft, but still enough bounce, the club will slide through the sand, but the ball will come out lower and run a lot more.

Technique – Short Shot.

By opening the clubface you can play a high soft shot.  And because the sand is fluffy, there is enough give that the club will slide through the sand and a very high, soft-landing shot will be the result!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

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