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Knuckles to the ground for more distance!

This month we continue to talk about adding power with Knuckles to the ground for more distance! Something we all desire! 

This is Mel Sole, Director of Instruction and Master Professional at the Mel Sole Golf School, located at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club in Pawleys Island, SC. 

Almost all golfers (even the ones that hit the ball a long way) would like to add more distance when they hit the ball. 

There will be some time required on the range in the beginning. 

But with a little bit of training your body on the feel,  you will add power and accuracy to your golf game!

The Technique:

In order to get the clubface square at impact, you have learn a move I call “the release.” 

One of my local students has a favorite saying when he starts hitting the ball to the right.  He says “Mel, I need to get my knuckles to the ground through impact.” 

This is allowing the left hand (for right-handed golfers) to turn through impact and allow the clubface to rotate to a square position at impact.  

To allow this move to get comfortable in your golf swing, head to the range and hit some balls with a half swing at first to get the feel.

The Big Key:

The big key here is to make sure the shaft is pointing parallel to your toe-line after impact. 

If the club comes around your body, you are going to hook the ball. 

If you struggle with this, put an alignment stick in the ground (as demonstrated in the video) to give you the necessary feedback that you are doing this correctly. 

At the end of the half-swing, the knuckles should be pointing to the ground and the shaft pointing towards the target.

Adding this move to your full swing:

Once you have the ability to hit this shot fairly consistently out the middle of the clubface and fairly straight, you are ready to move into full swing mode. 

Do not rush this.  If you cannot hit the ball consistently straight, stay with the drill a little longer.  You won’t be disappointed with the results.

If you want to send me a video for analysis to see if you are making this move correctly,  join my VIP Program, which will get you the ability to send me videos for analysis on a regular basis.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

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