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Keep Your Head Down is Bad Advice!

Keep Your Head Down is Bad Advice!

Keep Your Head Down is bad Advice!

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Monthly Golf Tips by the Mel Sole Golf School.

The saying  “keep your head down,” is likely to send your swing into oblivion. This is poor advice at best.  A far better piece of advice would be “Keep your head Steady.”   The great Jack Nicklaus has aways maintained throughout his career that keeping the head steady is one of the keys to his stellar golf game.  Because of the “violence” in a golf swing (especially if you are swinging hard) it is inevitable that there will be some movement of the head.  As long as that movement is slightly from side to side and not up and down there should be no problem.

Keeping the head level.

This is one of the hardest things to feel in the golf swing.  When I show a student his excessive head movement up and down in their golf swing, they are astonished!  So to get rid of that movement is really hard.  You definitely need a second pair of eyes to help!  Get a spouse or friend to hold an alignment stick either slightly above your head (if you have a raising up problem) or the bottom of your chin (if you have a dipping down problem) and try to make swings without touching the stick.  Tough I know.  Try and do this without a ball at first or you will find it frustrating and give up!  Patience Grasshopper!

The Drill.

Stand at home in front of a mirror, glass door, or anything you can see your reflection in.  Pick out a point behind you in the reflection.  Swing back holding the head a steady as you possibly can.  There should be no up and down movement and only a very slight (2″) movement from side to side.  By doing this daily, your body will slowly get the feel of your head being held steady.  On the range, practice swinging the club back and through and allow the clubhead to slightly brush the ground as you go through.  This will tell you that the head is staying level.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching Keep Your Head Down is Bad Advice!  Don’t listen to this advice!

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