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June 2003: The Right Shin Post – Another Power Leak!

In a constant strive to add yards to their drives, golfers tend to overswing in an effort to lengthen the swing believing that a longer backswing means more power is generated on the downswing.

One area that is overlooked in this quest is the right shin bone (for right handed golfers). In picture #1, I am in my address position. The weight is evenly distributed between left foot and right foot, with a little extra weight on the inside of each foot creating a slightly “knock-kneed” position.


If the golfer allows the right knee to “slide” away on the backswing all the weight will shift to the outside of the back foot (as seen in picture #2) thus restricting the correct weight shift on the downswing.


Make sure the right shin stays in the same position on the backswing as it was at address, as seen in picture #3:


This gives you a powerful “coiled” position. As I say to my students, “if you are comfortable at the top of your backswing, you are in the wrong position!” You should feel that you are in a tight, wound up position and ready to allow the body to shift the weight correctly on the downswing. This puts you into a perfect position for impact as seen in picture #4:

Practice this position on the range until it becomes a habit, and I promise you your distance will increase!


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