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January 2004: Let your skiing improve your chipping!

The bulk of my students come from the Northeast part of the U.S. where currently there are more skiers than golfers, so why not use your ski experience to help your chipping in the spring!

For those of you who do not ski, the pictures provided will help.  

When skiing I was always told to "keep your shins pressed into the front of your boots, with your knees over the toes of your feet"

This is the same feeling I get when I am chipping. Make sure your feet are together and your knees are over your toes. This puts the weight forward and allows a better chipping motion. You will find it easier to stay down on your shots because the weight is not on your heels which causes you to raise up and hit your chips thin.

Even after I have chipped the ball, I remain in my "ski" position in order to keep my body steady.

Next time you are on the slopes flip your pole over and get into your chipping stance. You’ll be surprised how comfortable it feels and when you transfer that feeling to your golf game in the spring, you’ll like the results.


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