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How To Stop Leaving Putts Short

How To Stop Leaving Putts Short

How To Stop Leaving Putts Short

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Monthly Golf Tips by the Mel Sole Golf School.

Leaving your putts short: It’s one of golf’s cardinal sins! In some conditions, like wet, slow greens, you may need to adjust your strategy to avoid leaving your putts short. In this month’s Video Golf Tip, I show How To Stop Leaving Putts Short and provide an easy method that’s guaranteed to work. Watch closely, because as Yogi Berra once said, “99% of putts that stop short, don’t go in.”

The Competition.

This is a game that can be played by yourself, with friends, kids, or a spouse.  Particularly for kids, you are making them work on their stroke and distance control, and they think they’re having fun!  Maybe an ice cream for the winner at the end?

Place 5 balls about 5 feet from the hole.  Place two tees in the ground past the hole.  One is 12″ pst the hole and one is 18″ past the hole.  The goal is to score as many points as you can.  The ideal speed to hit 5-foot putts is around 12 to 18 inches past the hole. So this game works on both direction and distance control!

The Points.

Leave the putt short -20 points.

Sink the Putt 10 points.

If you hit the putt past the hole but short of the first tee -5 points (it was still too short)

If you miss the hole and the ball finishes between the two tees Zero Points. You hit it the correct distance.

If the ball goes past the second tee -10 points.  (Too hard)

If you get 50 points (sink all 5) then it’s time to add balls.  Move to 10 balls.

This is a game you can play by yourself.  Keep score and see how long you can keep it going,  Each time you score full points, add more balls.  When you get to 100 balls you are officially the best putter in the world!


Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

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