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How to stay off your toes!

How to stay off your toes!

How to stay off your toes!

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Monthly Golf Tips by the Mel Sole Golf School.

Women and Junior golfers in particular often have a tendency to get up on their toes as they follow through, resulting in thin shots and a loss of power. Find out the easy solution in this month’s Mel In Motion Video Golf Tip. You’ll really appreciate the simple effectiveness of this one!

When you are in your address position, your upper body is leaning forward and your lower body counters that by having the weigh towards the heels.  The moment either one of those two positions changes you will lose your balance.

Losing your balance forward.

When you lose your balance on your toes it is telling you that you are not clearing your lead side correctly.  If you clear your lead side you will finish with your weight on your heels.  As long as the upper body stays in the spine angle your balance will be perfect!

Losing your balance backward.

When you lose your balance backward, it is because you have straightened your spine angle and the weight of the upper body moves back to the heels.  If all your weight is on your heels you will lose your balance backward. There always has to be a counterbalance.  So if your weight moves to your heels on the follow-through, the upper body must stay leaning forward to keep your balance.

Source.  Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching How to stay off your toes!  Stick that follow-through!

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