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How To Get Rid of Toe Hits.

How To Get Rid of Toe Hits.

How To Get Rid of Toe Hits.

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Monthly Golf Tips by the Mel Sole Golf School.

Toe Hits suck power from your swing and often pull the ball to the right. In this Mel In Motion Video Golf Tip, Mel explains why toe hits happen and provide drills that will help you avoid this common problem.

The Reasons.

There are two reasons you hit the golf ball off the toe of the club.

  1. Standing too far from the ball at address.

When you stand too far away from the ball it usually causes you to bend more from the waist.  When you make your swing, the body tries to get into a more comfortable position and straightens up.  Some people call this “lifting the head” but it is really the spine angle that it straightening.

  1. The chicken wing!

Definitely the most common cause of hitting the ball off the toe.   A toe hit is almost always the result when the lead arm breaks down, or you “chicken-wing”  the shot.  Not only does it cause the tow hit, but this is usually accompanied by the clubface staying open so a double whammy in the power department!

The Cure.

  1.  Make sure your arms are hanging directly down from your shoulders in the address position.  When your arms are at 90 degrees to your shoulders, the body has no need to make any compensations and a more solid strike is the result.
  2. See several drills on this website that will help you eliminate the chicken-wing.  Once that is accomplished, not only will you hit the ball with more power, but your accuracy will improve as well!

You have the knowledge of How To Get Rid of Toe Hits.  Enjoy your game!


Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching How To Get Rid of Toe Hits.  These are so annoying!

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