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How to ace bunker shots.

How to ace bunker shots.

How to ace bunker shots.

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There is One Big Secret to Acing Bunker Shots!

That is body rotation!  Without good body rotation, you will not have a follow-through ad, therefore, no clubhead speed.  A loss of clubhead speed ends up leaving the ball in the bunker.

The Drill.

Take the butt end of the club and place it just under your sternum.  Swing back and cock your wrist until the club shaft is perpendicular to the ground.  The lead arm is parallel to the ground.

Now swing through, allowing the butt of the club to return to the sternum as you swing through to the finish with the arms fully extended out in front of you, with all your weight on your front foot. Again, you should be able to pick up your back foot and not lose your balance.

This is a drill you can practice at home.  You don’t need a bunker or a ball.  Just practice the motion either in our backyard or even in your living room. Again, you don’t need much space or high ceilings.

Control the length of the backswing to control the distance of your shot.

The Shot.

After you have done that a few times, go ahead and hit some bunker shots trying to copy the motion you have just learned.  Keep persevering until you get it.  You won’t be sorry.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – How to ace bunker shots.  This is going to improve your bunker play!

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