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High Soft Shot with a Lob Wedge

High Soft Shot with a Lob Wedge.

High Soft Shot with a Lob Wedge.

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Monthly Golf Tips by the Mel Sole Golf School.

Watch as I demonstrate a convenient shot to add to your short game arsenal.

It happens to the best of us. You short-sided yourself in a greenside bunker, and you don’t have much green to work with. This can be a tricky shot, but the risk is mitigated by proper club selection: reach for your lob wedge. The lob wedge is ideal when you need a high arc and longer ball flight to get over a hazard. 

Club Selection.

You really need a lob wedge for this shot.  A lob wedge has about 60 degrees of loft—ideal for getting the ball up high in the air.  The lob wedge also has a lower bounce than a sand wedge, so there is less likelihood of the club skidding into the ball and skulling the ball either into the bunker in front of your or, even worse, over the green.


For this shot, you want to have a fairly wide stance.  This is to keep the body quiet during the swing.  This allows the clubhead to pass the hands through impact, adding even further loft to the club.  An even higher shot will result.


Because you are adding loft both at the address and through impact, you have to swing a lot harder than you normally would for a shot of this distance.  Practice this shot on the range or preferably to a practice green to get the feel of how hard to swing.  Another great short game shot to add to your arsenal from the Mel Sole Golf School.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching – High Soft Shot with a Lob Wedge.  Head to the range and try this!

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