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Get Rid of That Slice Forever!

Get Rid of That Slice Forever!

Get Rid of That Slice Forever!

Hi, I’m Mel Sole, Director of Instruction at the Mel Sole Golf School, headquartered at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club in Pawleys Island, SC.  We conduct 1, 2 and 3-day golf schools, hourly golf lessons, and senior golf schools.  Any type of golf instruction program your heart desires. Give us a call at 800-624-4653 or 843-237-4993.  We will be happy to book a commuter school or a package that contains accommodations, golf, and golf school.

Monthly Golf Tips by the Mel Sole Golf School.

Most golfers slice!  So watch as I describe a simple drill do help get rid of your slice forever!

Releasing the golf club is perhaps the most important aspect of the downswing, and improvement in this area is often misunderstood. It’s particularly tricky for high handicappers who tend to slice. If slicing is a problem for you, check out this month’s video golf tip in which I demonstrate a drill that will help you get rid of that slice forever!

Why do we slice?

The ball will always fly in the direction of the clubface angle.  The curve on the ball is determined by the clubhead path.  So a slice can either be caused by an open clubface.  This shot will take off to the right (for right-handed golfers) and go further right.  Or the clubhead path is cutting across the ball.  This shot will take off straight but curve to the right.

How do I correct it?

By working on what I call “the release”  This is allowing the toe of the club to pass the heel of the club through the impact zone.  This is a gradual rotation of the lead forearm that starts about halfway down the downswing and finishes about halfway up the follow-through.

The drill to get the feel!

This might feel strange in the beginning.  However, it really works to give you the proper feel of the release.  Take yu little finger of your upper hand completely off the club.  So you are really only gripping the club with the middle 3 fingers of the upper hand.  Start off with a pitching wedge or a sand wedge hitting little shots first before you graduate to a full swing.

Rosemary’s Swing!

My wife Rosemary has always had a tendency to hit to the right and sometimes slice.  So I gave her this drill to do.  You’ll see in the video what a great improvement she made.  This will happen to you as well!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching Get Rid of That Slice Forever!  For Sure!

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