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Chipping with a Hybrid or 5 Wood.

Chipping with a Hybrid or 5 Wood.

Chipping with a Hybrid or 5 Wood.

Monthly Golf Tip by the Mel Sole Golf School.

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This month’s tip, Chipping with a Hybrid or 5 Wood, gives the golfer many more choices around the green.  Depending on the lie, the thickness of the grass and the player’s ability, this can be a real stroke saver!

The Situation.

When your ball lies just off the green with no obstacle between you and the hole, use a fairway wood.  A 5 or 7 wood is an excellent choice or sometimes a 5 hybrid. They have enough loft to lift the ball out of grassy lies. In addition, the long shaft allows a compact swing kept low to the ground.

Chipping with a Hybrid or 5 Wood.


The Method.

Chipping with a Hybrid or 5 Wood.  Use your putting grip or regular grip, assume a slightly open stance, and set your hands slightly ahead of the ball as in Picture #1.

Keep your weight anchored on your front foot so you don’t sway as you make the shot. Choke down slightly on the grip, and using your putting stroke, keep the wrists firm on through the swing.  Let the clubhead swing through the hitting zone as an extension of your arms, so the clubhead goes straight through to the target and stays low to the ground, as in picture #2. Again, try and keep the clubface square to the target as long as you can.

Chipping with a Hybrid or 5 Wood.


You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to chip from around the green with hybrids or woods! Spend some time practicing this shot to get a feel for how far the ball will roll!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thank you for reading – Chipping with a Hybrid or 5 Wood.  another shot to try the next time you play!

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