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Back To Basics Part 1 - Posture.

Back To Basics Part 1 – Posture.

Back To Basics Part 1 – Posture.

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Monthly Golf Tip by the Mel Sole Golf School.

This month we have our top female instructor Jenny Buchanan give us her tips on Posture and Alignment.

We all know the importance of the grip as a basic fundamental in the golf swing, but what about posture and alignment?

Many novice golfers and also experienced players underestimate the importance of an “athletic posture” and a “square alignment” at the address position. Many bad habits developed in a swing can be traced back to a faulty setup as the root cause. What does an athletic posture look like, and how do you position yourself to do this?

  1. Hips out
  2. Flat Back
  3. Knees flexed over arches of feet
  4. Shoulders positioned over balls of feet
  5. Arms hang down from shoulders without any tension

Sometimes women feel uncomfortable positioning themselves this way because we’ve been taught to tuck the derriere under and not out.

Drills to help produce a good posture

1. Stand erect, lay a club along your spine, and then bend from your hips while maintaining a flat back.

Back To Basics Part 1 - Posture.Back To Basics Part 1 - Posture.

2. Hold the shaft of a club with both hands at hip height, and then push the shaft back so that your hips protrude outward and your back is flat.

Back To Basics Part 1 - Posture.

It would be a great advantage to practice these drills in front of a mirror so you can see for yourself whether you are in the correct positions or not.

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for reading –  Back To Basics Part 1 – Posture. Always a good thing to check the basics.

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