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5 Putting Grips To Cure The Yips

5 Putting Grips To Cure The Yips

5 Putting Grips To Cure The Yips

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Monthly Golf Tips by the Mel Sole Golf School.

If you have the putting yips, this month’s video is for you.

Got the yips? In this month’s video golf tip, I examine lead wrist breakdown while putting and presents five putting grips that can help cure your case of the yips. 

What is the Yips?

The yips is a nervous twitch that plagues a lot of golfers, even golf professionals.  The yips ended Ben Hogan’s career early and more recently Ernis Els 6 putted from 3 feet on the first green at Augusta during the first round of the Masters.  Some people have said that it is a neurological problem, where the signal from the brain to the hands gets scrambled.  I don’t believe that for one moment.  It has been proven that poor technique is the main cause of the yips.  Yes, even with Ernie Els.  The technique can change, for better or worse.  I believe that changing the way you hold the putter can improve technique and eliminate the yips completely.

Tiger Woods had the yips briefly when he started to make a comeback to golf.  He worked hard on his technique and eliminated the chipping yips.

5 Grips that can improve technique.

The Cross handed.

A grip that Jordan Spieth uses with great success.  Reversing the placement f the hand with the dominant hand near the top of the grip.

The Claw.

Wrapping the lower hand around the grip like you were trying to strangle a chicken.

The Gator.

The opposite of the Claw. Wrapping the upper hand around the grip like you were trying to strangle a chicken.

The Saw.

Placing the lower hand on the club with the fingers outstretched.

The V.

Taking the ring and middle finger of the lower hand on each side of the shaft. Shaped like a V.

Source.  Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for watching 5 Putting Grips To Cure The Yips  Try them all to see which one works best for you!

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