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Slice No More With This Drill.

Slice No More With This Drill.

Slice No More With This Drill.

One issue that a lot of high handicappers share is slicing. In this month’s video golf tip, I share a highly effective drill.  Using a golf bag will help you make slicing a thing of the past.

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Follow along as I describe an easy drill to get rid of that slice forever!

Use Your Golf Bag.

Start with a few balls close to your golf bag.  Stand about 3 feet behind your golf bag and take your address position.  Take the club back until the shaft is parallel to the ground.  Swing through SLOWLY. (you do not want to put a hole in your golf bag) Touch the toe of the club against the bag.  Swing the club back and through softly touching the toe of the club to the bag each time.  Do this about 4 or 5 times. 

Then walk back to the balls and without a ball and imagining the golf bag is about 3 feet away, swing back and through about the same as when the golf bag was there and touch the imaginary golf bag with the toe of the club.  Do this about 3 or 4 times.  Then place a ball there and make the same motion.  The lower hand will now be on top of the shaft at the finish, and the toe will be pointing to the sky.

Release Down The Line.

The important part of this drill is that during the follow-through, when the hands are turning over, the club shaft should be pointing down the line to the target.  This is called “releasing down the line.”  Once you can hit shots releasing down the line with a half swing hitting the ball about 20 to 30 yards, increase the swing from shoulder height to shoulder height, still touching the toe of the club to that imaginary golf bag.

Final Step.

The final step will be to make this move in full swing.  If the ball is still going to the right (for right-handed golfers), then that is indicating that the clubface is still open.  Go back to the shorter swing and continue to work on the release until you can do it every time, even with a full swing.  Once you have mastered that move, your slice will be a thing of the past!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School

Thanks for watching – Slice No More With This Drill.  Try this.  I’ve hundreds get rid of their slice with this drill!

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