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Mel Sole, Master Professional.

November 2013 – Mel Sole was awarded Master Professional status from the SAPGA. Mel becomes only the 18th person to achieve this honor and only the second while living outside of South Africa.

  • Named a “Top Teacher” by GOLF Magazine since 2001.
  • Selected “Best Teachers in your State” by Golf Digest (2009)

Mel SoleMel has over 50 years of teaching experience gained internationally in South Africa, Canada, and the USA. His unique approach to the mental side of golf has produced amazing results for golfers who have struggled for years.

Mel’s Students.

Mel’s diversified roster includes stars in professional sports, CEOs of major corporations, as well as many novice golfers of all ages.  For example, recent students include 2009 US Amateur qualifier Chris Marsh, US Futures Tour player Lorraine Ballerano, and Champions Tour player the late Harold Henning. Other notable students of Mel’s over the years include the late Wayne Calloway, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, John Reed, former CEO of Citicorp, Olympic Gold Medalist Arndt Schmidt of Germany (fencing), World Champion Billiard player & Hall of Famer Ewa Mataya Laurance, the late famed basketball Coach & ESPN Television commentator Jim Valvano, as well as John Saunders, current ESPN Commentator.

Phil Ritson

“Mel Sole is possibly the best teacher I’ve ever come across”.
— Phil Ritson, world-renowned Golf Professional & Golf Educator

“My teaching philosophy is to keep the swing as simple as possible, and to show the student how to use the big muscles to create power with a minimum of effort. It’s also very important with each lesson that I know how much the student practices and plays golf. That knowledge determines how much information, and the depth of information, I will impart in the lesson.” — Mel Sole

Mel’s Qualifications.

Mel’s golf instruction book, Golf Step-by-Step, was published by Chrysalis Books in January 2003 and still sells worldwide.

Mel has been a teaching editor with Golf Tips Magazine, Coastal Carolina Business Journal, and Privilege Magazine in Toronto, Canada. His lessons have also appeared in Golf Digest, GOLF, and Golf Illustrated.

vectorputtingMembership on the South Carolina Golf Course Ratings Panel reflects Mel’s passion for quality golf in America.

Mel is a Certified Vector Putting Instructor.

Mel is also a certified Mizuno Performance Fitting Clubfitter. This state-of-the-art system identifies the components that are perfectly suited to your individual swing to maximize performance. It only takes a few minutes to match each person’s ideal iron shaft, weight, and length. More information about clubfitting.»

Student Testimonials

“As someone who has been around athletic competition all my life, I can say, without reservation, that Mel Sole is the finest teacher I have come across in any sport.”
– Dave Hart, Director of Athletics at Florida State University

“Your golf school is the best thing that ever happened to my golf game. I won the City Championship only one month after my first golf school with Mel.”
– Sara Lowdermilk, Shreveport, LA

“Thanks to Mel and the excellent program I have significantly improved my game and, most importantly, I am loving golf! I strongly recommend this school to golfers of all levels.”
– Louis Adams, Arlington, VA

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Thanks for reading – Mel Sole, Master Professional.

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