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Certified Mizuno Clubfitting.

Certified Mizuno Clubfitting.

Considering buying new clubs or changing your golf ball? We invite you to schedule a free certified clubfitting at Mel Sole Golf Schools at our Myrtle Beach golf school or North Carolina golf school.

Even after golf school is over, you can continue to improve on the course.  Simply by playing with clubs that fit your “swing DNA.”  Several Mel Sole Golf School custom-fit students have dropped as many as five strokes per round, gained distance, and now hit the ball straighter than ever!

In a certified Mizuno club fitting session, your clubhead speed, ball spin rate, launch angle, and more will be measured and recorded. You’ll also get the chance to compare various clubs and/or balls for optimum performance, and before you leave, you’ll receive a print-out of your specs.

Clubfitting Cost

The cost is $80 (usually takes about 1 hour), but the fee is waived if you purchase a Driver or 7 irons or more or take a 3-day school.

Certified Mizuno Clubfitting.Mizuno Clubfitting – Myrtle Beach

Why play with clubs that don’t suit your swing? Trying to improve your swing with incorrect clubs is like trying to race at LeMans with a bicycle. You’ll get around, but you won’t win!

Mel Sole is a certified Mizuno Clubfitter and offers clubfitting at our Myrtle Beach golf school. In addition to the Mizuno Performance Fitting System, Mel also uses the FlightScope Launch Monitor. These computerized measurement devices have raised clubfitting to fine art:

  • The Mizuno Performance Fitting System matches the ideal iron shaft, weight, and length for each player with a simple interchangeable fitting system.
  • The FlightScope Launch Monitor assists with clubfitting for woods. It also measures clubhead speed, ball spin rate, launch angle, and a whole lot more!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Pictures: Mizuno

Thanks for reading – Certified Mizuno Clubfitting It’s free, so do it!

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