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You should take your kid to the golf course!

You should take your kid to the golf course!

You should take your kid to the golf course! #4 is important!

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Get your kids to love the game!

Unlike my early childhood days, today’s parents attend their child’s activities.  If the child plays basketball, football, or baseball, the parents (who used to be golfers) are now forfeiting their own pleasures to support their child on the field.  However, if we can encourage the kids to come to clinics, play golf on the course and let them see that this is a game of a lifetime.  Then maybe, just maybe, children will say to their parents, “Hey, Dad/Mom can we go to the course to practice and play today?”  I have always believed that to grow and sustain golf, we have to concentrate on the kids.

Although Babble.com supports “Take your Kid to the Course Week,”  I don’t think it should be a week, but an ongoing effort to find the next Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, or Jordan Spieth out there.  This is how we’ll grow the game! 

Take a Kid to the Course Week!

It is Take A Kid To The Course week where The National Golf Course Owners Association is trying to grow the game by encouraging people to bring their kids.

Golf is an expensive, temperamental sport.  Usually people bringing kids to the golf course would be frowned upon.  It’s slow enough as it is on the weekends already.  But, during this week, the NGCOA encourage kids to come with their parents to learn about the game.  And have the seeds planted that could turn them into the next Rory McIlroy or Michelle Wie.

Last week we vacationed at a resort that doesn’t just let kids golf for free one week of the year.  They encourage them to come all the time.  Kids always golf free at Copper Point, and so I took advantage by bringing my 6 yr old to play a round with me. Now that’s a little young to be hitting the ball down a 400 yd par 4.  I was a little nervous about bringing him with me. He’d only been to the driving range with me twice and, while he is attracted to the game, he is still only 6 and I was worried about his attention span.

You should take your kid to the golf course!

Kids love the fact that they can play junior golf and make friends.

Mel Sole Golf School.

The Mel Sole Golf School at Pawleys Plantation Golf and Country Club not only allows kids Free for Golf School, but allows the kids to play for free on the course.  The only sipulation is the kids must be accompanied by an adult!

To Bring kids to the course is something that is typically a negative.  But with the encouragement of the course, I brought him along and we had a blast. Whether it’s Take A Kid To The Course Week, or any week, here’s what you should know when you bring your kids to play golf with you, and why you should make it a habit.

It’s also just a great chance to spend some Parent/Child time. At the end of our round, I removed my hat and shook my son’s hand and said “nice round.”

Source: Babble.com  Mel Sole Golf School

Pictures: Babble.com   Scottish Government

Thanks for reading – You should take your kid to the golf course! Let’s hope this creates a whole lot of interest in golf!

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