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Will Bubba walk away from golf?

Will Bubba Watson walk away from golf?

Will Bubba Watson walk away from golf? (after 2 more wins)

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Will Bubba Watson quit the game after his 10th win on the PGA Tour?  That is his prediction.  He says he will walk away from the game he loves, which has made him comfortable living if he ever gets to #1 in the world or 10 wins, whichever comes first.  With 8 wins to his name currently (he only counts PGA Tour official wins in his total), he could leave before the end of 2016!  All talk or reality?  Only time will tell.  Bubba is his own man and walks to the beat of a different drummer so that anything could happen.  Thanks to  of Golf Digest for this update!


The Year of the Monkey has commenced according to the Chinese calendar. In golf, it’s the Year of the Bubba.

After Masters victories in 2012 and 2014, Bubba Watson couldn’t be blamed for thinking that perhaps it’s his turn again to slip on the green jacket. But at this point in his career and his life, turning 37 and recently adopting a second child, a daughter, with his wife Angie, the long-hitting left-hander would take any win on the PGA Tour.

“Man, I wish it worked that way. It would be nice to win it again,” Watson said effusively, as if hasn’t already won twice at Augusta National Golf Club. “I would accept that. Would it be wrong to have some expectations at least?”

No, what would be wrong with that? Expectations fuel belief, which you have to have when you set goals for yourself. And Bubba still has goals. After winning the Hero World Challenge in early December, Watson reiterated that he’d retire if he won 10 times. Or if he got to No. 1 in the world, so he can “walk away on top.”

Thanks for reading – Will Bubba Watson walk away from golf?  My guess is absolutely not!  As we all know, golf is addictive.  There is no way anyone can walk away.  Particularly with all that cash at stake!

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