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Wie could learn from Davis Love III.

Wie could learn from Davis Love III.

Wie could learn from Davis Love III.

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This is the first in a new series of Video Blogs from the Mel Sole Golf School. 

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A Video Blog by the Mel Sole Golf School.

Boo-hoo to Michelle Wie and her latest rules infraction episode. Many of us were hoping that she had matured in the past year to the point that we wouldn’t witness any more of her whining and uncertainty about the Rules of Golf.

Michelle Wie.

In last week’s Kia Classic tournament, Wie grounded her club and claimed it was to keep her from falling backward into the water. (See Michelle Wie’s Expensive Penalty by Jeff Skinner) If she had grounded the club behind her while visibly slipping or stumbling, she would have been credible. But she put the club down on the grass to her left and did not appear unstable.

After being given the penalty, her “that’s not fair” stuff started.  I realized that Wie is still very unprofessional and unwilling to take responsibility for her rules mistakes.

Davis Love III.

A terrific contrast in character is evident with Davis Love III.  In 1995, he was playing in a tournament the week before the Zurich Classic in New Orleans.  He had to move his ball marker on the green at the request of another player. A few holes later, Davis realized that he wasn’t sure if he had replaced the marker correctly. 

He decided he should take a 2 stroke penalty.  Possibly for violating the rules regarding marking one’s ball.  Without the penalty, he would have made the Top 30 on the money list and qualified to play in the Masters’ Tournament in 2 weeks.

This is real honesty!

Asking Davis in an interview later, a reporter said, “If you don’t make it into the Masters because of this 2 stroke penalty, how will you feel?” His reply: “If I made it into the Masters and won, how would I feel? Knowing I got into the Masters by cheating?  And it just so happened that Davis won the Zurich Classic in New Orleans the very next week.  And I got into the Masters legitimately! So yes, Wie could learn from Davis Love III.

Is there a lesson here for all golfers? Wie could learn from Davis Love III the same as we all can.  Learn from every rule infraction we either see or commit!

I think Barry Rhodes, who writes the excellent Rules of Golf blog, says it well: This latest Wie episode is an “example of how knowing the Rules of Golf can be of significant benefit!” And I’ll add that conversely, it’s a fantastic example of how not knowing the Rules of Golf can be of significant detriment… to the tune of $90,000!

Source: Mel Sole Golf School.

Thanks for reading – Wie could learn from Davis Love III.  Know the rules, lower your scores.

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