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Tiger Woods first Masters Win in 1997

Why Tiger Won’t Win the Masters

Tiger Woods first Masters Win in 1997

Apr 13 1997: 1996 US Masters winner Nick Faldo helps 1997 winner Tiger Woods put on the Green Jacket after Woods won the US Masters at Augusta, Georgia with a record low score of 18 under par. (1st Masters win.) Credit: Stephen Munday, Allsport

Tiger’s return at the Masters Tournament is definitely one of the most anticipated sports events in recent history. My opinion is that he won’t finish in the Top 10, and I’ll tell you why.

In order to win a Major Tournament, you must be “tournament ready.” That means you’ve competed regularly with the best players over the last few months in several tournaments. Obviously this does not apply to Tiger.

You also need to be mentally strong and totally focused to win. This was something Tiger had in spades before, but I feel that he cannot achieve it as this time. In addition to all the recent stress and distractions, every time he looks into the gallery he’ll feel their scrutiny. The Masters crowd will be well behaved, but Tiger knows they’ll be thinking of the sordid situation that brought him down.

Finally, I think that the other players will no longer see him as such a formidable foe and they’ll compete against him with more confidence and heart. They see chinks in the armor of the great one and believe they have a better chance of beating him.

I’ll still be pulling for Tiger though because if he wins, it will be one of the most amazing feats in the history of golf.

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