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Why does an Uphill Lie lose distance - Trouble Shot Tuesday #102.

Why does an Uphill Lie lose distance – Trouble Shot Tuesday #102.

Why does an Uphill Lie lose distance – Trouble Shot Tuesday #102.

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This week’s blog is answering a question sent in by subscriber Francine Trempe.  Why do I lose distance on an uphill lie on the golf course?  

The answer is quite simple, Francine, everyone does!

There are two main reasons why you lose distance on an uphill lie.  First, it isn’t easy to shift your weight.  If you try and shift your weight to the front foot, your body will rise, and you will tend to top the ball. This is because the front foot is higher than the back foot.  This is one of the few shots in golf where there is no weight shift.  And, because there is no weight shift, you will probably get a negative shaft lean at impact, adding loft to the club.  This will make the ball go higher and not as far.

So, take an extra club, maybe two extra clubs, depending on the slope’s severity.  Aim a little more right if you are right-handed or left if you are left-handed. Try and swing as normally as possible, finishing the swing with all your weight on your back foot.

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Thanks for watching – Why does an Uphill Lie lose distance – Trouble Shot Tuesday #102.

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