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Why Do So Many Women Give Up On Golf?

Why do so many women take up golf, only to give it up a year or two later?

Because golf is:

  1. a frustrating game;
  2. a time-consuming game;
  3. an intimidating game!

How can we address these issues and keep women playing golf?

The Executive Women’s Golf Association is one of the answers to this problem. The EWGA has been welcoming women with golf education and player development programs since 1991. Their chapters across the USA, Canada and France, boast over 20,000 members and are dedicated to connecting women to learn, play and enjoy golf.

The EWGA’s frequent clinics cover golf rules and etiquette, in addition to the physical aspects of the game. Beginners and experienced golfers alike, learn and improve in a non-intimidating, fun atmosphere.

As for the time-consuming issue, the EWGA’s extensive networking connects women who wish to play 9 holes instead of 18, because of time constraints or personal preference.

I’m a huge fan of this not-for-profit organization because it nurtures new golfers, provides opportunities for improvement in established golfers, and does it all with an emphasis on fun. What better way to grow the game of golf?

When my female students have been in situations where they have just taken up golf or when they’ve moved to a new city, they’ve often lamented that they have no one to play with. They’d like to play with other women who are, hopefully, of a similar skill level. I always direct them to the EWGA, and the outcome is always terrific.

Another answer to the problem lies in the commitment of golfers to a yearly, comprehensive 3-day golf school program. You’ll work to improve every part of your game and you’ll receive personal take-home drills to maintain your skills for the rest of the year.

I’ll have the pleasure of highlighting the benefits of this commitment at the November 11th EWGA event in Wisconsin. I’m honored to be a guest speaker at the “Business Bytes & Wine Delights” meeting at The Marq De Pere in De Pere, WI. This is one of the Fox Cities/Green Bay WI Chapter’s most popular events!

If you’re planning to attend, please come find me and say hello!


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