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Who is the best putter that ever lived?

Who is the best putter that ever lived?

Who is the best putter that ever lived? No Surprise here!

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Who is the best putter that ever lived?

Tiger had a concentration with his putting that I never saw in any other player!

It comes as no surprise that Tiger Woods is the best putter EVER!

What does come as a surprise to me is that Bobby Locke, long regarded as the best putter in the world in the ’40s, ’50s, and even into the ’60s, is so far behind Tiger and Jack.   The one common denominator with all of these players is that they did not become great putters by chance.  All of them put long, backbreaking hours on the putting green to get to where they are today in the standings.  Anyone can become a good putter, male, female, amateur, or professional.  There is so much information out there on putting. It has become a game within a game. Putting does not require strength or flexibility.  It requires dedicated practice, so go to the putting green tomorrow and start yourself on the road to becoming an excellent putter!  

Thanks so much to Golf Digest for putting this fascinating set of statistics together!

We asked more than 100 players on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tours to name the best putters among them and the best overall since 1950 (five for each). They asked back,Do you mean who putts the best day in and day out? and Is it the most clutch putter? and The one who never three-putts? The answer is all of the above. The player who cleans up five-footers on Sunday has to get a nod, as should the most consistent putter over the full season. Here’s who the players picked.(Percentages show portion of respondents who voted for player listed.

Who is the best putter that ever lived?

This is how I remember Bobby Locke.  I played a lot of golf with him in the mid 70″s, and he was always a gentleman and always a brilliant putter!


Source: Golf Digest   Mel Sole Golf School,

Pictures: Golf Digest   Jim Epler

Thanks for reading – Who is the best putter that ever lived? Who do you think that is?

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